Change in curved toolpath

Here is the Easel file if that helps:

It is the fix to stop climb milling that everyone was ( at least 2 or 3 people ) complaining about. I have the same issue on one of my carves. You can’t make all the people happy all the time !

@Andy4us That makes a little bit of sense. However, I’m not sure why this would cause the curved path to be broken up into different segments.

Try using “Optimize Tool Paths” in Easel.

@MarcCohen I’m not familiar with that. Can you point me in the right direction?

Try here.

Thanks for the link. I read through the thread and it looks like the optimized tool paths were correctly applied for the other four cuts (finishing one completely before moving to the next) with the exception of the two curved paths in the center.

You mentioned using “Optimize Tool Paths”, is that something I can manually apply? Unless I’m missing something, from reading the thread you referenced, it sounds like that is all behind the scenes work and is applied universally.

I’m not certain if it can be manually applied or if it all behind the scenes. But given the nature of your issue, I thought it might be useful. You could address your comment to the Inventables team. I’m sure they can help you far better than my meager skills.

That makes sense, I can’t tell for certain either. At first, I read your comment as if there was a button or command somewhere that I hadn’t used before, which would have been awesome because it would have meant an easy fix. Your “meager skills” are more than appreciated, thanks for the input!

Hopefully I can figure out what is going on soon. From looking over the forum it sounds like they may be busy addressing some other issues (which may or may not be related) so I’ll try to contact them later if I don’t hear anything. Thanks again

@PhilJohnson That’s what I was starting to think. Thanks for chiming in, it’s good to know that others are seeing similar behavior.

How long ago did you experience this with your aluminum part?

Thanks for the heads up, @PhilJohnson . From reading the thread it looks like the changes haven’t been rolled out yet, but hopefully the fixes will help whatever caused the segmenting of curves.

@rodovich @DavidAltenburg1 Any idea if the changes you are in the process of implementing would address what I am seeing and restore this situation to how it was carving a few months ago?

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@Ruwan Is there a chance someone from the Inventables team could take a quick look and see if this behavior is normal? The main issue is that the different segments of the curve are being cut separately rather than as a single continuous curve like it used to do.

I have an order that’s on hold until I can figure out how to fix this.

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I’m not sure why this is a showstopper. When mine does this, at the end of the day the cut still comes out OK, and even with the what might be considered to be a delay, the total cut time drops from 21 minutes to 17. I know this for sure because on either Sat or Sun they reverted back to the old architecture for about 18hrs and I noticed the difference in cut, but also the longer cut time. That is my experience.

I appreciate the input. In this particular application it went from about 9 minutes to well over 30. With the size of the order I have, I simply don’t have the extra time to fit these in between my other orders with such a large increase in cut time.

This is my best attempt in Paint to visually describe what I am experiencing. The curve with the five red line segments I drew in used to cut as a single pass, following the curve. Each pass would be a new depth as shown in my crude drawing on the bottom right.

Now it’s behaving like the top right, but for each individual segment. It starts with the straight segment, cuts about three inches until the straight portion ends, retracts to the safety height and returns back to the starting point. It does this for each depth. Then it starts at the next portion of the curve and cuts about two inches until the tangency point of the next curve and does the same thing until all five segments of the profile are cut.

@Andy4us Is this the same thing you are seeing with yours or slightly different?

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You mentioned that you saw weird behavior with an aluminum part. Is this the same thing you experienced? I have seen changes with the order of operations and the safety height retracting before, but never the segmenting of a single profile.

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@AdamNorris, I’m looking into this now. Thanks a lot for detailed feedback.

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@Ruwan You bet, I appreciate you looking into it! Please let me know if you need any more information.

@PhilJohnson Yes, but it’s showing up in Easel as a single line already. It’s only when the G-code is sent to the machine that it breaks the curve up.

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@AdamNorris, did you use an svg for this project? If so do you mind If i have a look at that?

@Ruwan I believe this is the .svg file that I used (I need to be better about deleting old iterations…).

Thanks so much for your help with this!

I’m not positive this is the correct way to provide you the file, if it doesn’t allow you to download it, please let me know and I can try a different method.