Change in curved toolpath

@AdamNorris, did you use an svg for this project? If so do you mind If i have a look at that?

@Ruwan I believe this is the .svg file that I used (I need to be better about deleting old iterations…).

Thanks so much for your help with this!

I’m not positive this is the correct way to provide you the file, if it doesn’t allow you to download it, please let me know and I can try a different method.

Thank you

Even though Easel show the curvy outline as a single object, it contains a “svg path”. I investigated the svg file and found that in the file, those movements are there. If you are familiar with svg content, please have a look, and you could see, it has several moves (see several ‘m’ inside path - note, I’ve extracted only the relevant svg content)

Do you think you can re-create the project? if so following file seems to contain the correct path.

<- right click and save this small bar.

Please let me know if you cant get the file.

@Ruwan Yes, I was able to recreate it. Thank you for the help in fixing the svg file.

Do you know why it would have changed from working to having issues? I used NX (previously Unigraphics) to create the model and also modeled a sled that I use to cut the ends once they have the profile cut out. If possible, I would like to come up with a workflow that allows me to continue using CAD software so I have better control over the file.

How can I avoid creating svg files in the future that have multiple moves within the code?

Hello - I’m having this same issue. Is there any resolution? I started with a DXF then converted to SVG. I think that’s the source of the problem, but I need it resolved. Any help?