Change order of cut/engraving?

Is there a way to change the order in which a cut takes place? For example, I have a shape that is cut out with a small engraving within the shape.

Easel cuts out the shape first, followed by the engraving within the shape. This causes too much pressure and the tabs can’t support the shaking and causes the engraving to be wonky.

I’m aware of creating different work pieces, but ideally would prefer not to do this.

Any ideas?

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this is the current method of controlling the sequencing within Easel. There is not currently a user selection for the order of operations within a single project.

Thanks Seth

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I thought Easel did the outside profile cut last, did they change the sequence?

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Here is my workaround. I created the project as one file. I set the cut depth of the things I do not want cut to zero. After the first pass is completed, I select the objects that were at zero cut depth, and I set the next section of the cut. The important process is setting the cut depth to what you do not want cut (or that was already cut) on that pass to zero.

I have done this to conserve materials, especially to use sections of expensive materials that are normally thrown away but have the space to yield another part.

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