Changed brushes, still sounds terrible and arcs!

Anyone have this happen after changing the brushes on the 611? The router still makes a clacking grinding sound and is arcing a ton.

That was my first thought, that I might have missed a step or upset something by taking the cap off, but it’s very straight forward and hard to mess up. I then thought maybe it was just that router, I have 2 that are out of commission so I grabbed the other one and swapped out its old brushes for another new set. Same noise, same arcing.

I left the cap off, however, and looked moe closely and based on the shape of the old brushes compared to the new, I really thought that it was a shape issue.

So, I put on the base and installed a bit and did some hand routing to put it under a load and after a bit of use the arcing and nose diminished significantly. Apparently there is a break-in required for new brushes.

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I failed to reposition one of the tension springs and got the same result. After finding that “missed step” and correcting same it worked fine without any odd noises (anymore…)

Interesting. I pushed specifically on the spring coil to make sure everything was all the way in, but maybe after pulling the spring out it has to shift the coils back into proper spiral proportions and that may take a little vibration.

For certain it has drastically improved, but I guess I’ll see what happens after I use it for a while.

lol, dang and here I was hoping I got to do that… :smiley:

Yeah, Angus you should have told me not to put the router in water sooner, I dropped it in the dishwater before I read the last line of your comment. :blush:

Just kidding, but really good info. I think brush shape must be the case here-- I just would have thought other people would have had the same experience as well.