Changed computer and it won't connect to x-carve

I am new at this. I am learning … Slowly. I started using x carve with a laptop and decided a desk top would be easier. When I got my refurbished hp pro 6300 connected It won’t connect to the c controller. I do if change the baud rate from 6900 to 115200 to match the x carve and the computer chimes when I plug in the controller. Even the connection icon on the ugs screen turns orange but I get a message that says Error opening connection,: Could not connect to controller on port jserial//COM,1:115200.

I have Java 8 and everything was working with my old laptop.

Any ideas?

There is an easel driver that may need to be installed and the ftdi possibly…

Also aftet installing these, try restarting windows while the cnc is connected and powered on. Windows will auto install any additional drivers that may be missing.

Also in device manager its a good practice to reassign the com port to number 4 or higher as 1-3 can be setup as reserved for periphial devices sometimes.

One more thing, make sure to change the power save settings AND the usb selective suspend setting.

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Hi Donald welcome to the form,
if you’re using UGS you might want to check out Open build sender, small learning curve but user friendly

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