Changing Bit Dewalt 611

Hoping someone can help me

Is there anyone that can post a short video on changing a bit on the Dewalt 611. I am having continuous problems getting my bits out. I have watched Youtube, read forum etc and still I am struggling. I feel like I am missing something, a step not sure.

Thank you in advance…

I think you have to loosen the collet nut twice. The first loosen moves nut down from collet. Loosen further and the nut will pull the collet down from spindle taper. At this point the bit should be loose.

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I have tried that… I have literally tried everything… I appreciate your advice, I really need someone to physically show me how to do this so I can make sure I am doing correctly.

These are my steps

push in yellow button
take wrench and attach to collet and turn with button pushed in. The collet loosens and unscrews all the way off. The Bit is still tightly in place. My collet only goes so far down. I will post pics behind this

Looks like the bit is broken and if so could be bent and hard to get out.

It is the collet that came with the router. I have never bought a new one. The bit is broken but I broke trying to get out of the router. It was fine when I unscrewed the collet.

Not sure i have ever seen one like that and i have had plenty of routers.

Mr. Mcleod can you instruct me as to what I need to do at this point? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for the information, can you suggest a new collet I can purchase for my router quickly and where to buy it. I have been fighting this thing for months now

I would only use heat as a last resort. Tapping the collet from the sides with soft hammer may dislodge it. After you get it lose and the bit out try to snap the collet into the nut before installing on the spindle.

@PattyWolf you have the best collet you can have now.

I have used the stock collet and the collet from Elaire corp and these from think and tinker are by far the best.

you just need to insert the collet into the collet nut properly before use.

while the collet and nut are off of the router you need to insert the collet into the nut at a slight angle and push hard. you should feel resistance and then it will pop into place and then and only then insert both into the router.

here is the link to the page to get all the information you should need.

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also here is a direct link to how to insert this collet into the nut

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Patty - I was having the same problem with my Dewalt 611. The collet and bit were hard to remove from the router, once the collet nut was removed. I knew I was dong something wrong, but didn’t know what. Then I discovered what I was missing. I found that I had to snap the collet into the collet nut. I felt an little “click” as it locked in. Then, when the bit was inserted into the collet from the bottom side, it solidly locked the collet into the collet nut. When I loosened the collet nut from the router, this locking setup pulled the collet and the bit out of the router.