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I’m having issues when I have a 2 part carve and have to switch bits. I used a 1/8" bit for the bigger portions and then used a 30 degree v-cut bit for the finer details. The issue becomes that when I change the bits from a flatter tip to the pointy tip of the v-cut, the depth is off and many times the spindle moves slightly and the carve path is off despite having marked the zero point and recalibrated the z-point. I have tried to lock the motors and tried to be as careful as I can when loosening and tightening the collet but I seem to have this issue consistently. Any words of wisdom?

If you have an x controller, you can change one GRBL setting and also set the dip switches so the carriage doesn’t move. You probably need to use a zero probe to reset your Z too or at least a thin piece of paper.

Bit movement during change - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

Do this to prevent the x,y movement (same as martins linked forum post, but in video format)

and make sure to set the z zero to the same place for the 2nd bit as the first bit and all should match up…

If you dont want to do the stepper lock from the video, then there is also the inventables method, (imo the video method is better)

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