Changing bits

Hello everyone, I hope Thanksgiving was good for all. I am having trouble after I change my end mill to a v groove do I need to re-zero my bit going through the whole process (using the Triquetra). What is happening is that after I change bits the second bit will not cut on the same path causing a off set to the carve. looks like I have two carves in one. What do I need to do to prevent this?

As long as x and y didn’t move (power motors off) you should only have to zero z

Do I need to send it back to “0” or home again?

I am using Picsender to run my G code. If that makes any difference.

I’m not familiar, but you should just; touch plate - plate thickness.

Thanks David, Maybe some out there uses Picsender and can help.

Bob do you go through the complete process or just the Z?

I also have a lot of bit chatter while cutting?

Thanks Bob!

Thanks for the info Robert.I will try this on my next carve.

Robert since you use Picsender i was wondering what the CFR box was for? Is this the feed rate and if so how do I set it up with my bits?