Changing Material Depth

I’ve noticed that recently when you try to change the thickness of a material, it won’t let you if the depth of any current cuts are deeper than the new thickness. I’m 99% sure that it used to just re-calculate the new depths as a percentage of the new thickness (based on the darkness of the “gray”. The previous behavior was MUCH more friendly. Is that method going to return?

I think this was changed recently, as people wanted a static depth to a cut and didn’t want it to adjust based on changing board thickness.

My top “1/8” cut doesn’t much matter if it’s out of 1/2" or 3/4" - I don’t need it deeper if I change.

Though I think maybe full cuts should stay full cuts when you change material size.

Full cuts will stay as full cuts. There were some issues people were having when shrinking the material thickness. For example if you had a .5" cut in a .75" piece of material, and you lowered the thickness of the material to .25" there were undesired results. If you had a .5" cut in a .5" piece of material and lower the thickness to .25" the cut will be be adjusted to .25"

What about making it an option in Easel…? The user can either choose “scale cut depth with material thickness” or “absolute cut depth”.

@WilliamPaukert Agreed. I had problems switching a design to a different thickness without changing the cut-depth on all shapes.