Changing my router bora

It takes 2 people to change my bits what am I doing wrong. I push the yellow button he uses the tools.

Hold the button with your left hand and use the wrench in your right hand, then while holding the button in turn the wrench counter clockwise to loosen.

You only need to snug them tight, not put enough torque to hold a wheel nut on.

My router moves when I’m charging the bit.

@JulieEubanks I think most were confused why you couldn’t switch router bits without two people involved.
Now it makes sense.
Two things to do:

  1. Change your grbl settings so that $1=255. Just type $1=255 in the console in the machine inspector.
  2. Turn off idle torque reduction. In your X controller switch the #4 switch on each dip switch to OFF. That will hold full torque on the motors when they’re holding position.

Do you have the 3 screws that hold the router in place tight? Could you take a picture or short video?