Changing Plunge Speed When Starting New Pass?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering whether it is possible to change the acceleration of the Z-Axis when starting a new pass.

We have done a number of mods found on this forum (thanks) and we have found the limits of our machine.
We can generally cut at 2mm per pass and at around 70ipm but i find the speed that the spindle plunges is way too aggressive and sometimes creates a notch due to spindle runout/flex in the machine etc.

Is there a certain line in the GRBL that i can change so that the plunges are more gradual?

I hope this makes sense.


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Software such as Fusion 360 can adjust the plunge style (helix vs straight) and plunge speed.
Easel does not offer such flexibility.

The closest GRBL trick you can try is your Z axis acceleration or max speed. But then you may radically increase your cutting time by making the Z axis movements too slow.
As another experiment, you could export the G-Code from Easel and modify your Z axis feed rate. I believe Easel already has a different speed for Z, and make that slower.

Thanks for your reply. I am currently still using Easel (started making the jump to Vectric Aspire recently).
I think i will try the Z-Axis acceleration in the GRBL and see what it does to my cutting times, hopefully with each pass only being small even halfing the acceleration shouldn’t add too much time to the cut.

I just feel like currently the bit really dives into the work quickly and it is causing a few issues.

If you are using aspire, you can change the plunge speed when you generate the toolpaths. Works great for those hard materials…v-carve as well.

Thanks Erik,

I am just getting used to Aspire so havn’t implemented it into my workflow yet.
It seems like an extremely powerful piece of software!

Is the standard process to generate all the G-Code in Aspire and then export it and use UGCS to send it to the machine?

That’s how I do it. Make sure you use the nightly build of UGS.

Cheers. Hopefully going to get all my G-Code generated this week so i can leave Easel behind.

It’s great software but just doesn’t have the level of control needed for cutting hardwoods at speed IMO.

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Ramping the tool into the material is often the best solution. The ramp allows the tool to gradually move into the material over a user defined distance (following the cut vector). If you use Vcarve or Fusion 360 you can turn on ramps for most types of cuts. It would be great if Easel also allowed ramped entry.

Ha, learnt this lesson a few months ago! Snapped a engraving bit unfortunately.

I have spent some time with Vectric Aspire tonight and mapped out all the toolpaths for my guitar necks.
Which post processor do i need to select for use with Universal GCode Sender?

I could find GCode INch and GCode MM?

Nevermind! Just found the X-Carve option.

If the post processor puts the tool number at the beginning of the toolpath file, you will need to edit that out.

Is this still applicable when exporting direct to the “X-Carve” option?

I’m not by my machine right now so i am going to do an air cut tomorrow and make sure everything looks normal.

If you are using UGS it needs to go.

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