Changing step over between roughing and detail pass

Hi I am looking for some advice on two stage carves i was wondering if i set my roughing pass with 40% step over can i change to a 20% step over before starting my detail pass for a finer finish? if anyone anyone has any advice or experience with this it would be appreciated!

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You can do that, with some tricks…
If i understood what you mean, youll do a roughing with a depth set a little shallower than the fill desired depth with a 40% stepover.
And then change to a 20% stepover, increase the depth slightly (you might also want to adjust the stepdown so its not carving air) and then run that for less tooling marks in the bottom of a pocket.

Does this describe what you had in mind?

Hi Seth,
yeah kind of, I’m doing a 2 part carve with a 2d section and a 3d section i want the roughing pass on a 40% step over then for the 3d section a 20% step over so its a nicer finish less finishing for me to do. i really want to know if i change the step over between roughing and detail pass if it will effect the carve.

But Easel doesn’t make 3d toolpaths, only 2D and 2.5D. . . What is the difference between 2D, 2.5D and 3D contouring? | FlashCut CNC

Regardless, I wouldn’t expect any issue with changing between bits like that, because easel is using the bit diameter to determine how much stock to leave for the detail pass, and pays no regard to the stepover in calculating the stock to leave for the detail bit.

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