Changing stepper motors

I have one of the early x-carve 1000mm with a lot of upgrades such as the upgraded x axis rail, Jeremy phanntom acme screw drive on x and y axis’s, cnc4newbies upgraded z axis.
Even though everything is pretty solid frame wise, I occasionally get chatter and missed steps if I push it a little hard for extra speed. My question is if I fit STEPPERONLINE CNC Stepper Motor Nema 23 Bipolar 2.8A, will my driver board be able to cope with the extra power?
It’s the board that came with the kit about 5/6 years ago.
Thanking in advance for any help.
Jim Riley

If you have the current style XController, the board will have a silkscreen printed on the board identifying how to tune the drivers to allow more current output and the print indicates the drivers are capable of up to 4 amps turned to their highest setting. With this in mind, those 2.8Amp ones you identified would be fine as far as driver output is concerned.

There’s some info about tuning these here: X-Carve Instructions: X-Controller Assembly

If you have the Shied Version from like 2016 than it’ a totally different animal, I’m not sure exactly what drivers that version uses. I have a shield setup on my workbee CNC and I use those same steppers BUT the drivers I have on mine barely output the 2.8A…

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