Changing tool path

Is there a way to change tool path in the free version of easel?

Need more information, Yes you can change it Can you share your file.

I can’t really give you a file but what I’m trying to ask is after you set all the parameters on your piece then you ask it to simulate and it shows a tool path. It’s not really an efficient path as it jumps from one line to another. It might go from the furthest point, make the cut then to the nearest point to make the next cut. I would like to know if there is a way to change that path.

Short answer: no

If you are trying to change the way Easel deciphers, creates the tool paths and cuts your project, as Neal said no, Easel has a mind of its own and at times it appears to make no logical sense on how it cuts a project. If you need help in creating a file, that we can likely help with. Steve