Changing Z Axis after setting material height with Z Probe

I have a design that I created in Fusion 360. It is a mesh that I’m carving into an Acrylic block. Then I’m importing the Gcode into easel. I want to cut deeper then mesh is actually in the postscript file. I thought an easy way to do this would be set the Z axis with the probe then before carving just nudge the Z axis down say 1/8" and cut.

It seems that no matter how much I move the Z axis after the initial setup of the z-Axis the machine knows how much I have moved it in the Z-Axis and compensates. Is there a way to override this? or is there another method that would achieve the same results without having to change the design in Fusion?

This is correct.

You would need to re-set your Z value (starting position) “after you nudge it down.” I’m not sure if this is the most efficient way to accomplish this. You might be carving more than the bit can handle, but that all depends on your pass depth, bit and feed rate. I can’t recommend another way to accomplish this without going back to the original design, make the necessary changes and run the new gcode.

Or, you could manually adjust each z value in the gcode to possibly get the depth you wanted. But, I really don’t think this is a better way.

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Put a 1/8"spacer under your probe.
And adjust the top height in Fusion 360 by 1/8" to account for it.

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If I add 1/8" the to Z probe then tell fusion my Top is 1/8" lower then the actual top of the stock wouldn’t that net to the same? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

Again, I thank you for your wisdom!

EDIT: OOPS! Too much thanksgiving! You want the zero to be lower. Tell Easel your probe is 1/8" shorter.

You want the top height to be higher, so you don’t run into the issue mentioned by @MichaelColey. you don’t want the first pass of the end mill to 1/8" deeper than what you set it. By raising the top height, you’ll start cutting 1/8" higher. Your bottom height will stay the same.

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Just so I understand, I tell easel my Z-Probe is 1/8" lower then what it is, that way easel will carve 1/8" deeper. But in fusion I set my top to be 1/8" higher then the stock the actual carving will start 1/8" above the stock to keep the bit from carving more then it can handle.

In Fusion, yes. Remember, your real stock is 1/8" higher than the stock in Fusion. When you simulate, or at least visualize, the toolpaths you should see it cutting 1/8" above the stock in Fusion.

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Thank You for your help once again!! @NeilFerreri1 @MichaelColey

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