Changing z position to clear dust shoe

Is there a way to change the z position when the z resets (I’m not sure if that’s the right word for this – I mean the bit height after a z probe procedure and the bit height after a carve is complete). It’s not enough to get the dust shoe on or off, it gets stuck on the collet.

More info:

  • using 1000mm x-carve, with z probe and official dust shoe
  • I have checked the box for using dust shoe during setup
  • I have the precision collet
  • using Easel (standard)

Is this a setting somewhere?

I think the post-probe retract height is “hard-coded” into Easel. I say this because if you use UGS to perform a Z probe operation, it doesn’t retract at all.

You just have to jog the Z-axis up a few steps after homing.

have you tried to change the safety height in advanced settings?

seems like what you are wanting to do. but keep in mind that the higher you set this the more it will raise after it cuts. go to high and you will top out and lose steps. just make sure that the number is as high as you need it but no more.

Good thought with the safety height. That doesn’t seem to effect the post-z-probe retraction height though. (I would have assumed that it would!)

you can jog the z height up, as the machine will remember last home position