Changing zero position

Can someone give advice or information on how to change the zero position from the bottom left corner to the center.

Highlite what you want to carve. Click on shape in the upper right corner. Then in the little dice box in the upper left corner click on the center dot. Then to the right where it says position set both of those to 0 and it should move your project down and to the center.

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  • Understand that WorkZero (Home Position) can be anywhere within the reach of the machine.
  • In the design window in Easel, WorkZero will always be at grid axis X0Y0 point.
  • If your design is centered around X0Y0 grid, like Wayne´s steps will give you, you confirm Home Position at the center of your work piece.
  • Only the upper right quadrant of Easel X/Y grid will show in preview, anything else wont preview - but will be carved nevertheless.

Happy carving! :slight_smile:

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