Chasing accuracy between small and large objects

Hi all,

First and foremost thank you all for the wealth of knowledge on the troubleshooting and upgrades throughout this forum. I have been pursuing so many things in the last few weeks that I never would have thought through on my own.

Now I’m stuck. I have been calibrating and trying to tweak my X-Carve into shape and feel it has gotten almost there but I have one last bugaboo. I can either get good accuracy on the small end of cuts or on the large end but not together and not without modifying settings over and over (every cut if I’m switching back and forth). example as follows:

cutting a 1"x1" square pocket I am consistently short, usually about .03 inches or so and usually worse in the x-axis but when I ran the circle, diamond, square test from inventables the measurements were closer (still undersized but less usually about .01) I then bumped $100 and $101 to a point where the 1"x1" pockets were coming out perfect but now the circle, diamond, square where way long (~.05-.06).

I have tried everything I can think of or have seen in this forum from similar issues including tightening belts, vwheels, checking squares, testing and setting pots, measuring bits with a micrometer, etc. Do I just set in the middle and accept that this machines true resolution is more like .03 or .04 and accept it? Starting to get really frustrated because I need it to be better than that at both sizes.

Did you do set your steps per mm ?

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Yes I did (out to 500mm)

Definitely verify your tool diameter.
Example: My favorite Freud Spiral 0.25" End Mill is actually 0.244".

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