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Chatter after upgrade

Hello everyone, I hope someone can help. Ever since I purchased my Xcarve back in 2020, I’ve had a problem with chatter on my machine. There isn’t anything I haven’t tried in order to fix it. As a last ditch effort, I purchased the upgrade package (Z-axis/belt kit) as I had read that it worked for some people in curing chatter. Not for me. Problem is still there. I even went so far as to purchase a precision collet and nut for the router. Nothing has made any difference. Some cuts are actually worse now. Can’t cut a decent circle to save my soul. Might have to sell this for something more beefy. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks in advance!

do you have a photo of video of the chatter issue?

Chatter is typically caused by loose belts, loose or damaged V-Wheels, dirty tracks can cause unwanted movement, (are you using a decent dust collector?), an improperly mounted spindle, or even possibly bad bearings in the spindle itself can cause runout that results in bad cuts and chatter… and more rarely by Dull Bits combined with a slow feed rate that places the spindle speed and bounce from a lack of rigidity in harmonic with each other can cause chatter as well.

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