Chatter and Bit Jumping (lots of pics and a video)

So, I finally got back around to finishing my trivets for Christmas and most of them are coming out ok, now that I am using the texturing tool @SethCNC showed me (thanks by the way).

Ok, I am making 20 of these trivets and on the 3rd on, I had what us turners call a catch. All of the sudden everything was jerking around and the piece of wood moved along the “Y” about an inch causing it to cut through my piece. This was on the final pass on the outline of the trivet just after the “tab”. (This pic was taken a few days later after I made a sliding clamp thing to prevent movement along the “y”. Other than that the clamping method was the same)

Now, I check everything and try again and this time I ordered a new 1/4 upcut bit. I noticed I would get the chatter at the same spot but not as bad and managed to get through several without issue. Then around trivet #15 I started getting worse again even with a different wood and different design but in the same exact spot.

I started paying more attention to sounds and what nots and started noticing that when the router was moving in a lower right to the upper left motion it would cut nicely until the last cut, then it would chatter.
Here is a video of it

I will attach my project as well just in case there is something there (Waves and Pointy are the 2 I used for this project)

Any thoughts? Sorry for the long ramble!! They did come out nicely though :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading to the end,


you might be better off with using painters’ tape and CA glue? or some screws and washers.

FYI: hold down all four corners not just two


I echo Ken, and have had great luck with woodworkers tape (easy to find on Amazon). Also check your belt tensions, eccentric nuts etc, as the problem is happening in the “weakest” part of the gantry relative to the cuts.


This :point_up:

Thank you for the responses - I will check my belts and bolts.

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