Cheap Backerboard Material

I have been using a cheap white, plastic, material for a backerboard when carving through my work. I use Dollar Tree plastic poster board. The board is about 24" X 36" X 1/4" thick. I’ll include a picture of it here. I no longer look for old thin plywood or paneling. My wasterboard looks as good as new. I just cut the posterboard to the size of my work using a utility knife. I get lots of pieces out of one sheet. Try it, you just may like it.
Plastic Wasterboard|648x500

Nice idea. I use dollar tree foam only because I have quite a bit that I use to build parkjet planes

Dang, I’m going to the dollar store tomorrow! I’ve been using 1/4" plywood scraps! Awesome idea, thanks!!

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@PhillipLunsford you have my curiosity what are park jet planes?

@SteveMoloney. They are electric powered aircraft that I make from dollar tree foam that weight about 20 oz. go to and I can’t get photos to copy

finally got a picture to load

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WOW that is cool! Are they remote controlled or are they just powered and fly in a circle?

@SteveMoloney. Radio controlled. They fly around at about 60mph

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