Cheap flat white pvc!

I am currently doing the same thing but using it to make new hold down clamps

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Well the heat gun does ok. But the toaster oven i have in the shop worked much better.

How long did you heat it in toaster oven?

mine was the heavy walled 4 inch pipe. My toaster oven just has 2 knobs one for temp with was set to 400 and
one that said light med dark i had to set it to dark 2 times. I would venture to day around 2 minutes. it had just started to sag. i did have to use a heat gun to flatten it a little because my new toaster oven is smaller. Also place inside of pipe face down and place a weight on top otherwise it will want to curl up until it softens. Humm sounds like another video to make.


I may be way off on the time i am timing it right now
ok i must have absolutely no concept of time what so ever.

make a pinch roller that will flatten the sheet out and a press to get it super flat.
The roller is for making sure its even.

I was at Home Depot yesterday and saw that they now are selling 4x8 sheets of 1/2 inch PVC sheeting for about $70. They also have smaller 2x4 sheets for $20
I can’t wait to make some neat stuff from it! (finished item is at the end of this way to long video)


Home depot sells the pink foam that people have been making stuff. I would like to try that too sometime.
Thanks for the tip.

the dense foam board is what i use for lost foam metal casting and several other things on the xcarve messy but cuts like butter