Cheap poplar glue up panels at menard's

I wish I had a menard’s in my area everyone seems to talk about it alot lol

seems like a pretty good deal how thick?

yeah I am blind before the morning coffee kicks in end I barely make it to my office without running into the walls

yeah but lots of times on edge glued boards they are listed as 1" and I find that they are in fact 1" and not a nominal size

but then the sign says actual size so just curious on the actual size which I can’t read lol

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oh do you do that on your phone? or do you use the cortana thingy?

oh yeah

Mastercraft® 1" x 12" x 4’ Edgeglued Poplar Board
SKU: 1049606
Finger-jointed and edgeglued to create a solid board
Kiln dried
Actual Thickness: .625 inch Actual Width: 11.25
Length: 4 foot Wood Species: Poplar
Nominal Dimensions: 1 in x 12 in x 4 ft

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:cold_sweat::cry::sob:…better go fire up the the old heli :helicopter:

:runner::runner: brisk morning walk I guess

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via American Blvd W and Nicollet Ave
3 min without traffic

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:oncoming_police_car: no cops in the air lol

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Home Depot is across the street, and woodcraft is 2 miles from here

I miss the big city

And Rockler is 12 miles

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Looks pretty much like my area, everything within 15 miles or so.

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anyone have a shop for rent lol

bad thing about living in a small town is that its hard to get something in a pinch especially tooling and special materials

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