Cheap shop heat!

Just saw this in a mailer this afternoon went to my local Northern tool and they had a mountain of them! On sale $39.99, I must say for the price it works really well!
Link below pics


Just an FYI, those heaters use a lot of electricity. Not sure what the costs are by you, here in NYC the electric company warns us about those heaters.

Same here in Canada, I had one in my shop and I switched it out with a big Contractor’s heater.

Yeah it’s 1500 watt but only like 10 amp not bad for me considering I’m in a small area when I’m working in my shop and it’s usially late and the rest of the house other than hvac is pretty much shut down. Plus it’s 0 emission no fumes or fuel.

I have one of these above my glue up station. I turn it on to heat up my parts when I am gluing up to give a longer open time. They do generate a lot of heat in the direction that they are pointed. Do not expect one of these to heat a room though, however they give great directional heat in a 6’x6’ area, give or take. I do not recommend for long term use and definitely do not recommend them to be left un-attended.

I have a friend who also uses one of these in her garage when she is working out of it. (Dog Grooming Business). She has had no complaints about it. I’m glad that she has not because I recommended it to her.

They might use a lot of electricity but for short durations they work great.

I have one mounted just above and behind me when I’m turning at the lathe. I don’t keep it on all the time but once in awhile it sure is nice to take the chill off on a cold Alberta day!