Cheap source for ecentric spacers?

Any one have a good source to buy ecentric spacers for cheap?

Seeing these eccentric nuts have been designed for use with Makerslide based constructions, I doubt you’ll get them anywhere but from Inventables.
If you had a lathe and lots of free time, you could always make your own.

I have found them elsewhere…just not much cheaper than inventables.

LIst of vendors here:

Misumi sells eccentric bushings: and if one is inclined one can make one’s own:

if only i had free reign on the machines I use at work…I would have some done in about an hour…lol

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I like this approach! I’ve just bought a 4 jaw chuck for the lathe which will be more accurate than the drill press. Another project…

Here you could order also.

Grtz Koen

Where I got my last batch:

I stand corrected! I really didn’t think that these would be available from an alternative manufacturer.
I have enougheccentric spacers/nuts to last me but what I really need are more t-nuts.

Those are cheap on ebay…lol

Look at this on eBay

Doesn’t ship to Australia…
But I found a seller on Banggood that does. 50 on the way $US6.

I got mine here because they are quite a bit more robust than the originals.