Cheap source of cutters for the X-Carve or any CNC

I have found a source for cheap solid or cemented carbide cutters to use with my X-Carve 1000mm. The source is I have ordered many things from them in the last year and I am very happy. I have ordered solid carbide cutters from .5mm to 6mm, usually in sets of five to ten for about $6-$10 a set and usually $1 to $2 shipping per set.
I ordered a set of 15 ER-11 collets, 13 metric collets, and also includes a 1/8’ AND 1/4" collets for $17 plus about $4 or $5 shipping. I ordered a collet adapter with a 6.3 mm (1/4") mounting hole for $5. I have chucked the collet adapter with a cut off 1/4" drill into my DeWalt 611 and have easier cutter changes without the use of bit adapters and fighting to release the 611 collet. I ordered straight toggle clamps and other items dirt cheap.
The delivery has been from two to four weeks for delivery, but I check out other places for the same items and they are many times the price I pay. does not pay me anything for mentioning them, I just like the products and the prices I get from them. I will admit, they have lost about three or four of my items and after several weeks of not them not being delivered, they have credited the money back to my Visa card immediately.
I have included 2 pictures of some of the cutters and sets

I have ordered.



any chance you could provide links? I’m having a hard time finding out which of the chinese collets would actually work.

I’ve ordered a few carbide bits from aliexpress and while I haven’t use them quite enough for an honest review…the price is right

How do you fit an ER11 collet on the Dewalt 611?

Look like the collet for the Dewalt DWP-611 is ER-16 M

the Inventables site says that ER-11 does not fit (in the title)
I need a 6MM collet to hold bits that I received from Amazon

ER type collets will not fit on the Dewalt, but you can purchase a 6mm dewalt collet from Elaire

Be sure you order the one for the Dewalt Palm routers

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Allen and others, you are right, the ER11 collets will not fit the DeWalt 611. I have pictures of the collets I ordered and the COLLET HOLDER. Just go to You may need to sign up for the sight, but it is well worth it. I buy all kinds of things from them. I ordered this particular collet holder because it has a 6.35 mm (1/4") hole. I just got an old 1/4" drill and cut it off about 1" or so, half goes into the collet holder and the other half goes into the DeWalt 611 1/4" collet. Thje collet holder s $4 and $2 shipping.
The Elaire collets are very nice, just expensive. I am awaiting for Joe Rosa at MUSCLECHUCK to finish his prototype of a quick release chuck for the DeWalt 611. My friend has a Musclechuck on his 1/2" router and it is great. Just insert the bit and a 1/4 turn of the allen wrench and the bit is in place. Joe said he won’t have the production model ready until this summer. Those interested in the collets should check out Musclechuck. At the current time the Musclechucks are only available for 1/2" routers.