Cheapest way to get Vectric clipart

A computer at one of the places i free lance at has aspire on it. They never installed all the clip art and none of the guys I’m comfortable asking know the customer log in. Which is the cheapest software package vectric sells that will still give me access to the clipart downloads?

Good question. I am not sure.
Have you tried installing the demo on a different machine? I don’t know if the demo comes with the clipart or not, but it might?

On a related note they have
where you can purchase additional clipart.
I have used several of their models with good results.

You do not get any clip art with any demo Vectric software.

The clipart came with my Vcarve desktop

Thanks. I need to tread lightly because I didn’t exactly ask to use this computer. I think Im gonna hold out until I just buy it for home or find someone in one of the other offices that’ll let me borrow their login. Buying the clip art on its own is more expensive then the program.

I have a real problem with any one trying to get licensed software for free, but I just may be biased.

I sincerely hope you are not trying to do that.

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Did you read any of the post or just decide to come in to make a accusation. Im not looking for any free software first of all. Im using a commercial seat of the program which probably cost more then what a individual would have payed for it. Second the entire point of the post was to find out which version of the software I can personally PURCHASE to have extras that are provided for free when you buy so i can use on the company computer. And third this company has many seats of each program they use. I don’t see how borrowing a login form one of the other guys who I am comfortable asking to download the included extras to a separate also purchased copy of the software is wrong. I wasn’t going to reply at all because I don’t know you and opinions on the internet are like a holes everyone has one and they all stink I just don’t anyone else coming in just reading the end and thinking I’m here trying to steal.

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I know it’s a long shot, but maybe the original installation was set to “Only this user” instead of the global choice installers allow. Maybe a person with pc admin can search the document directories for crv files. i.e my install has the path set to “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vectric Files\Clipart\2D Vectors” which would be the “anyone on this pc” setting.

Maybe I am missing something but where is the clipart found in VCarve Desktop? I purchased this and haven’t found it.

Thank you. I will give that a go.

Some of the set ups have them. The computers they have set aside for freelancers have the most random parts of programs installed. Depending where I sit i might still have to run photo works as a standalone program or use the new integrated one in solid works. Its the price I pay for the connivence of not being stuck in a cubical all day :slight_smile:

Looking at the pricing $350 for vcarve desktop for 200 pieces of clip art isn’t bad. $1.75 per piece sounds good when looking at what the separate packages sell for.