Cheat Sheet for Different Bits Results?

Just got the machine set up and haven’t done the test run yet - I was looking through projects and the forum just learning before I hit the “carve” button for my very first simple test. I got a bunch of the bits and honestly, I don’t know what they mean when looking at them in a list. Has anyone done a video or a project that shows the result of each of the Inventables bits? Or a link somewhere to a blog? I was thinking it would be awesome to see since I’m a visual learner anyways. Appreciate any guidance ~

2 month user here, and same thing… I would love a “cheat sheet” There has to be one somewhere…?

Here is a chart that inventables has out that helps to guide you as far as what bits are good for what materials.

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here is another that may help as well

one more, hope these are helping you out.

These are great @Joe4re thanks for sharing! I already printed one out!

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You sir are my new hero. Printed everything and put in a file folder on my desktop. 100% thanks.

No worries, glad to be able to help out.