Check this out guys/gals!

So I was driving around my house bored and i past by this hardwood flooring company and saw a bunch of people standing around a huge wood pile in front of the building so i pulled in and apparently all there cutting and rejected pieces are just put out front everyday and given to the public for free

this is solid oak hardwood floor .75" thick!!!

heck the only thing wrong with it is small knots or discoloration that they dont like it has tounge and groove on either side and on one face it has .125" grooves down the middle

so all i have to do is rip the tounge and grove off the sides and plane it down to .5" and bam!! I have solid oak .5" boards was i get a bunch processed all i have to do is glue them together and make big sheets of any size

and the best thing is they do this every single day!!! I filled up my truck this time but next I am bringing the truck

and really alot of people go nuts over natural knots in wood carving and projects it gives it a more natural look so even the knotted wood could be of use


The grooves on the back side are an attempt to keep it from buckling. Door jambs similar.

Nice find man!

I love dumpster diving for materials! Found myself a real nice piece of solid oak countertop at the local hardware store the other day. Makes for nice dice trays. :smile:

Not to mention all the firewood I get for free.

free wood is good wood lol