Checkout this this pic and tell me whats wrong

tried to do my first carve the mushroom off the easel program and this is how it has turned out, as if the axis haven’t moved far enough. belts appear ok, but think the motors arn’t strong enough but not sure how to change power. any ideas

Have you adjusted the voltage going to the motors?

Looks like you may need to increase voltage a bit. There are three potentiometers on the Grbl shield that you can turn clockwise to increase voltage.

haven’t seen these but will reopen to take a look. by how much would u increase each one by. say 90 degrees each and see how it improves, any guidance would be appreciated thanks

There are several threads in this forum about the best ways to the voltage.

Start off my turning clockwise about 15 deg then jog the motors about 10 inches to check how they move.

If you have the voltage to high the motors will stutter as they cut out from thermal overload. You want the voltage as high as you can get without causing an overload.

I’ve got a video up showing how to do this at X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!, and there’s a few other videos showing similar methods.

cranked it up 45 degrees on each knob tosee what happens as I’ve not got a voltage tester etc. going to run a few tests see how it does and knock it up again until it improves,.

Both too low, and too high are bad. See those links above. :wink: