Chilipeppr and large G-Code files

I prefer to use Chilipeppr to to send G-Code to my X-Carve. However I am unable to send large files (tried a file with 400k lines just now). Is there a way to increase something to allow larger files? I am currently running the file with UGS and no issues, I just prefer the chilipeppr interface.

Any help would be appreciated.

For some details, I am running windows 10 on a fairly powerful system, so the system is not in question. 3Ghz quad core processor with 16gb of ram, dual video cards…etc…

I am running in Chrome.

Hey Eric, I didn’t try but, there is a setting on top left corner, click sender setting and see how much is your Max command line. Maybe increasing that number allows you to load bigger Gcode.

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I’ll take a look, have to wait until the carve is finished…lol

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I think maybe that is the command line length for per line. If it is Row, you’re the winner.
By the way, Pic and Grave is the one takes huge Gcodes.

I have loaded huge gcode files on chilipeppr with no problem, I use firefox. When. File is too big ( 5 megabytes +) then it will move the file and store it in the ram to run. Which sometimes may crash your browser ( happened to me when running chrome) so I tried it on Firefox and I haven’t had a problem since.

I’ll try it in firefox, but my file was 10.3 mb. Rechecked it, 471k lines of code.

I’ve ran a 780,000 line file from ChiliPeppr on my bogo, low spec, 2013 MacBook without issues. That was a 9.5 hour job. Sure, it couldn’t store it in localStorage and I got the warnings, but it ran just fine.

I always get the warnings, but on big files, it crashes…never finishing the load.

Browser, version, OS?

Chrome version 45.0.2454.93 (latest version) windows 10.

Loaded the 10mb file with Chilipeppr and the latest Firefox, appeared to load fine. Tried a 15mb gcode file, no luck…Firefox crashed. Looks like I will continue to use UGS with large files. Unless anyone has any suggestions.

Hmm, that is odd,I’ve ran nearly a million line file… (15 hour job) with no problem… I gotten the errors buy ran through just fine… specs of my computer.
12gb ram
3.0 ghz over clocked quad-core with hyper threading ( 3.8 max)
Integrated Intel graphics

No idea…oh well…UGS works…I just prefer Chilipeppr,…more options.

Seriously, try picsender. I believe trial version has time limit, means you can load and see,If it works, licence is lunch money. There is instruction and discussion on this forum, you may want to search.

@AlanDavis I will give it a shot this weekend. Thanks.

I installed the trial version of Picsender.

Connected to the correct COM port with 115200 for speed. (It connects with no issues)
I have my startup block to reflect imperial and a default speedrate.
Current Status shows Idle
I have selected 1 for my jogging distance
Incremental (G91) is shown above the jogging buttons
I press the onscreen button to move any axis and the screen updates as if the machine has moved, but no actual movement on the machine.

Any suggestions?

Changed $13=0 to $13=1 (report inches) and it now jogs correctly…odd?

Paid the $15…I’ll do a test cut on one of the crosses and see how it goes.

Apparently I have no patience…waiting for the registration code…want to send the file to the machine…lol