Chilipeppr automatic spindle control

Im having problems running the automatic spindle control in chilipeppr. i have a dw611 spindle and i made a relay controlled outlet using a solid state relay. every time i try to set the switch on logic and issue an M3 command it seems like its attempting to use the pwm to control the speed ( which sorta makes sense). this is causing my router to constantly turn on/ off however fast the relay can keep up. ( you can hear it when you turn it on). but work just fine when you flip the switch to just on. is there anyway to smooth out the pwm to use with a relay?

Side note
installed the original little dc spindle the xcarve came with as default when the machine first came out. and it seems to control the speed pretty okay
in chilipeppr the way to turn on the spindle is to issue a speed then the m3
so it would be something like S8000M3 to turn on the spindle.
which actually works on the dc motor, which i found out after setting up some Gcode in Inventor Pro, and noticed when i had it with automatic spindle control, Inventor had set the default spindle speed to a low speed and the dc motor would start but really slow, and i was very confused, figured out i had to increase the speed in my cam setup in inventor.

regardless back to my main issue, is there anyway to change a pwm signal to a constant dc? so when i set automatic spindle control it just keeps the relay on? right now i see the light blinking on my solid state relay. but when i just turn the switch to on it stays on. So i know my relay isnt bad, and my dewalt router isnt faulty either.

Sigh, i feel really really dumb. Idk why i didnt think about that before… im sitting here banging my head on the table figuring out clever ways to solve the problem.
I will try that next time i get in the shop. Thank you very much @PhilJohnson

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Easel is a nice program but cant do some things i want with the same precision as inventor can… atleast i havent played around with it enough to learn how too… so i had to look for a seperate gcode sender and chilipeppr is a really nice gcode sender with text updates on job start, tool changes, and job end… and many other great features easel doesnt have… plus inventor is an amazing cad cam software… can get very high accuracy in design, and can choose the tolerance in the cam and edit every aspect of every machining operation to get the exact results you want…