Chilipeppr help part deux

so I’ve been running a few jobs on chilipeppr, but I can’t figure out how to get the spindle to turn off after its done. I try typing in M05 in the console to no avail. Help!

can you add the M5 command into your gcode? are you using vectric software to make your code? i know i had to add the m5 command to the post processor file to get the spindle to shut off using UGS

I’ve manually added the M5 command as well for UGS and Chilipeppr as well. @JoshuaLMabry, in case you weren’t aware, you can open up a gcode file in any plain text editor and add/remove stuff as needed. I just slap in the M5 instruction as the last line in the file.

You should also be able to add that command to whatever post-processor you’re using to generate your gcode, so that you don’t have to do it manually each time.

Im using vcarve, any thoughts on where to slap that in?

yeah, using vcarve. Where do i add that exactly?

Thanks for the tip!

Here’s a link to my post that has a link to my post about post processing. That is not a sentence I expected to type today.

If you open the post-process files, you should be able to determine where to add the M5 command, if they haven’t already been updated to include it.

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@PeterJames - If you need to refer to this again, be sure to link to this post about the link to the post that links to your post about the post processing. It’s easier for everyone that way, and keeps things fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks @MakerMark, I’ll make a mark to do just that :slight_smile:

Hey if you havent figured it out yet, open up the post processor file in notepad and add the m5 command in the footer section. Youll see a m30 command just insert it before that and save If you need more help let me know and i can give more detail when i get on my computer. Hate typing on my phone

Thanks! Got it figured out! So next question is how do i make it so the grbl doesnt soft reset after the job is finishes?

It doesn’t get easier than this. Take the files put in Post Processor folder. Both files have Spindle Stop Commands.

X_Carve_mm.pp (3.9 KB)

X_Carve_inch.pp (3.9 KB)

If you can’t find proper folder, here is the structure.

VCarve Pro (Or what ever you have)

Thanks guys got it figured out.