Chilipeppr help

i just got vcarve today, I was under the assumption that it controlled the machine as well. Anyhow, I can’t get UGS to open so I’m trying to get chilipepper to work. I got it connected to the machine apparently but I can’t get the controls to move the xcarve… Help please

Did you install the json server?

yes, i followed the instructions

its connected, i keep getting error:line over flow and error:expected command letter if that means anything

I think there’s something about the 1.82 version of the JSON app having some issues right now, try going back to the 1.80 version and see if that helps.

The developers of Chillipeppr are working on the issue right now, in the mean time DO NOT use JSON server 1.82 or 1.83, instead scroll further down on the download area and you will see V1.80, thats the one to use.

I had similar issues and this is the fix for now until they get fix setup for windows.

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Sweet, thanks guys. Now would someone be kind enough to help me figure out how to tell it what my machine is? It’s the 1000mm xcarve with the Acme rod. Or at least point me to a helpful tutorial on getting started?

1.80 worked btw

I guess to clarify, I’m confused as to what sets the parameters of my machine. Does the Gcode I’ve generated through vcarve or do I have to set these in chilipeppr. I just don’t want my machine killing itself

If you haven’t done it yet, you should run through the Easel setup -

That will walk you through picking the correct settings for your machine, and set the correct grbl variables for you. After that, Chilipeppr won’t require any special settings.

I’ve run my machine off easel for several hours. So your saying that that is what chilipeppr reads? Interesting. Thanks, it’s all pretty confusing, appreciate the help.

When you run that setup in Easel, it’s setting some variables in your Arduino/grbl. You can see/adjust them in Chilipeppr, but if you’ve already run Easel’s setup, then they should already have the proper values.

When using V-Carve to create the G-Code you need to use the proper post processor. On the V-Carve page from inventables the proper post processors are listed HERE once you download them and unzip to a folder you can add them to the V-Carve Post_P folder by clicking File, Open Application Data Folder, then copy and past to either the PostP or the My_PostP folders
If you put in the My_PostP folder only the X-Carve post Processors will show when saving G-Code Files.