Chillipeppr - a couple of basic questions

Since my earlier posts I have made progress of sorts and have successfully loaded Chillippepr and have established a routine of using VCarve on a PC partition in the Mac to design a project and then save the tollbooth onto a memory stick to drop onto Chillipeppr when back in Mac mode.

I do have a couple of basic questions however.:-

  1. When i load Chillipeppr it shows the last project I ran. How do you clear the workspace on the desktop ?

  2. The start point appears to be at the intersection of the X and Y axes in the centre of the work space. Is there a way of changing this to zero out the X and Y axes to the bottom left corner so it is consistent with the set up from VCarve?

Chilipeppr will use the zero setting from your vcarve generated gcode, so if you choose center in vcarve that is how it will be in Chilipeppr. As far as clearing the last file, just load your new one.

Thanks Eric.

My project in VCarve is set to X=0, Y=0 but when loaded into Chillipeppr it starts at Y=233 and X=138.

I’ll see what happens when it runs

You have to set the zero for your actual zero…chilipeppr will run your toolpaths just like they came off of V-Carve, but you have to tell chilipeppr what your zero is.