Choosing cut paths on it a thing?

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I couldn’t find exactly what I
wanted and don’t know if anything has been discovered since some of the posts were published…

Cutting corn hole boards, design & lettering on the top and bottom of the board, milling would start at the top left, cut a couple of letters, Z up, then move all the way down to the bottom, cut part of an image, Z up, then go all the way back up to the top, and this process continues.

Is there anyway to have the milling finish one area first completely and then move to another area? or even just choosing an option to orient cutting from top to bottom, rather than left to right?

Basically, lessening the time to pick up the z so much and traveling to another spot without finishing the milling…?

Thank you for your time!!!

That is the way Easel works. It starts on the left side and works across the material. Seems to me like it used to cut in the order you put the cuts in but they have changed it.