Choosing right bit/size for job


I am currently having issues with my Easel choosing right bit sizes and bits. When choosing between inch and mm bit sizes. ( I prefer mm) It always give me error that the bit I choose is too big for the job I want to create. Even tho I choose the smallest bit and still change back to inch and tell me its too big. I have set default settings to mm and specifying the correct bit size.

I am really novice to cnc and struggling to get my x-carve up and running. Even when doing a simple ‘‘clamp project’’. It either pushes the bit from mm to inch and damage my project. Cutting too deep etc.

So far I have only used MDF as material as I dont want to kill some of my bits with heavier material.
I want to do alot more engraving.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to do engraving (or text carving), I would recommend you look into get a nice set of Vbits. a 30, 60 and 90 Degree Vbits will do a really nice job for you if you have the right software to create the tool path. F-Engrave from Scorthworks is a nice free way to get started with vbits.

6 mm makes 0.236", how do you use this bit on either Colette. Do you have to have special Colette for this. Because it is killer price.

Hi Allen

I did download the F-engrave software. And still figuring out the hows. Also waiting on my new collet from Inventables. So that I can take bigger shank sizes.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I bought the 6mm collet just so I could use these bits.

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