Choosing what's roughed and whats detailed

I’m attempting a 2 stage carve. It includes a 12" diameter hole through-cut in .75" MDF and some finer details requiring a 1/8" bit that are not that deep. The 1/8" bit isn’t long enough to cut the .75" deep hole so I would like to tell the software to use the 1/4" roughing bit to cut the hole and only use the 1/8" bit for the detail part. How can you do that without having to run two separate programs and attempt to keep the zero set correctly. Basically, can you choose what bit carves what features?

Not with Easel.

The way to do this is to make separate workpieces.

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Thanks for the reply.

Is this a feature Pro has?

No, @RobertWatson, I don’t believe so. Someone correct me if I am wrong in that respect.

If you are just using the software for yourself, Fusion 360 can do this and has a free license for personal use.