Choppy V-Carve

We are getting choppy looking v-carve results primarily when the machine is traveling on the Y-Axis. I have calibrated the machine, cleaned etc. We also do not have any issues with other bits, and if I rotate the board being cut 90 deg the same lines that come out choppy come out clean.

Looking for suggestions

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I get that when pushing the limits with an overused cutter. Add a clean-up pass will fixit.

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I suggest checking belt tension and verifying that ALL eccentric nuts are set properly. AND you might also need to verify that BOTH Y motors are actually working, you can do this by unplugging one and jogging the cnc to verify the one remaining plugged in works, and switching to test the other. If both are working then good, if not then bad and likely a failed driver in the controller and we can get into that more after you test and have results…

Belt and Eccentric nut information:

Is it possible the bit but also grain direction

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