Christmas decorations (aka.. the blinky-flashy)

I am WAY behind getting my 2017 Christmas light display started this year… I only have 248 days before I have to set it up in the front yard.

Luckily i had some time this weekend to crank out a few decorations.

This was the first time i cut corrugated plastic on the X-Carve. It did a good job, but i think i need to use a better bit to get a smoother cut (i just used a 2 flute .25 upcut cheapo).

I got started in the ‘blinky flashy hobby’ last year. My X-Carve helped me get my little light display up quickly. This year my wife wants MORE. So I’ll use this thread to post pictures of my progress…

Phase #1… 24" Pixel Snowflakes has started (making ~5 of them)… :slight_smile:


Nice. I can see y wife wanting these as well.

Well, we can blame this thread on my wife then…

Last November she let me build a 10’ ‘Pixel MegaTree’.

(warning… big animated gif)

After it was built and running (the X-Carve was a huge help) her first words were: “Next year you are doing the entire front of the house!”

If you want to get in on this ‘Blinky Flashy’ stuff you need to start early. The mom&pop shops that sell the pixels, PSU’s and custom electronics all start ‘Group Buys’ early February.

Some of the stuff I ordered is starting to show up, so it’s time start building all the display pieces.

Don’t get me started on whats on my Halloween to-do list :slight_smile:



No… I used a Sandevice e682 for the controller, then FPP running on a Raspberry Pi to play the sequence.

For the stuff I’m currently building, i’ll be using ESPixelSticks (~$10). Each ESPixelStick can control ~700 pixels.

I’m too cheap to use the light-o-rama stuff :smiley:

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That pixel tree is sweet!

I didn’t put up any lights last year. :flushed:

I never worry about Christmas lights, either putting them up or taking them down. Then again, I’m Jewish, so I guess its a moot point. And less stressful.

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