Christmas Gift

Here are a couple of the Christmas gifts I made recently.


Love the Yoda! I have a son with the same name and he love the picture…

I made one for my cousin and one for my nephew. They both loved them. The picture is of the first one I did, the second one turned out better but I forgot to take a picture of it. If you’re interested I will share Easel file.

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Looks Really nice, how did you get the paint lines so exact? Did you tape it and then cut it out?

No I sealed it then painted the entire thing moss green. I then brushed the brown on very carefully. By the time I finished the second one I had it figured out. If you start your brush in the middle of the area and pull it toward the edge going past it it will leave a clean edge. If you start at the edge and go inward the paint will run down the edge. Afterwards I just touched up any errors with some moss green. I then cleared the entire thing.

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