Christmas gifts for my family

Thanks to everyone who help me fixed my mechanical issues a few weeks ago!

Her are a few gifts I’ve made for the family.

Father in law

Mother in law

I’m hoping to make two more items before Christmas, I’ll share them here when/if I get them done.


First attempt at a vcarve. Fengrave with universal gcode sender. 30 ips.9 plunge rate. Finished edges with a jigsaw and belt sander, that will be done different next time cause it looks bad. All in all I like how it looks

Gift for mom:


.3 max depth. Im open to any advise to make this better next time…

2nd v carve. Does anyone know how to add a box around an image in fengrave?

For my wife

What if I want to cut it out? Can fengrave do that? Cut all the way through?