Christmas present for my daughters teacher

After getting everything figured out I thought i should make the present for my daughters teacher this year…

Nothing fancy, my wife and daughter are responsible for painting this thing…


That’s a great idea! I’ll ask my kids if they want to design something for their teachers!

Nicely done. I am sure she will love it.

NIce work! Is that doug fir?

BTW, when i was a kid, A teacher with that name would have probably been re-christened “Ms. Elbonko” or some such foolishness. :innocent:

Just a tip… for letting. I have been using spray paint… mask off area around letters, doesn’t need to be perfect. Spray in desired color. Then use stripping sand paper 60 grit. To remove excess paint. Gives nice crisp letters. Then stain or paint right over the top. I tried a lot of ways. This was the easiest.

Frosty - is there any particular paint you would recommend - the colours you are using look to really ‘pop’ out of the wood.

I’ve started using Acrylic and really like the bold colours straight on to wood (i.e. not primed) however i’m yet to see how well it takes to being waxed / varnished etc.

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This is hobby style acrylic, got it at Meijer. with polyurethane spray over the top. The poly really lights it up.

If you seal the wood, including the lettering, with shellac prior to your color coat it prevents the color from getting into the grain and you then dont need to sand as deeply to get all of the over spray off. when I do it this way i dont even mask it unless I am doing multiple colors.

Good tip! I have had to sand the carp out of a few things, especially aspen wood. Are you brushing it on or spraying?

Here is the final result…