Christmas Projects

If anyone want to make a quick Angel ( 7 minutes) in Xcarve here is a file I made today. I sized it to be about 3.5 x 4 inches on a .25 piece of hardwood. Now I need to decide what color stain to use.

Christmas Angel.crv (1.2 MB)


Snowman in Vcarve 3x3 inch on 1/4 inch oak

Snowman.crv (545.5 KB)


Snowflake in Vcarve 5.5 x 5.5 x .25 inch

Snowflake with Name.crv (367.5 KB)

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I would love to have the .svg of this snowman, obviosly i dont have Vcarve. The better half loves snowmen, can you help me out?

Here is a link to the Easel project

Here is the SVG file (for some reason the SVG file is not showing up, When I attach the file the follwing text is inserted in the left edit window but nothing appears in the preview wndow : “img src=”//" width=“2” height=“2"”

Any ideas how to attach an SVG file?


Looks great guys! I may have to make one of these snowmen for my daughter!

Make sure you check out the Holiday contest! You could be taking home an X-Controller!

I just saw the contest, I may spruce up my little snowman project and try to win a hoddie!


For sure! I think I want to try and make some ornaments to hang on our tree, that snow man just might make it on there!

I made some new ones that were a little bit larger so I could vcarve the year on the bottom.

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I carved this little 4 inch tall angel in poplar, Rough pass with .25 ball nose, detail pass with .125 ball nose then a final detail pass with 30 deg vbit, then a profile cut with a .125 endmill. Total time was about 4 hours.

I sent it over to a friend that can paint it properly.

I also carved a couple from 18 pound Precision Board. This was the first time I have tried cut a detailed figure like this in foam and I was very happy with the results. I was able to skip the roughing pass and just perform a single detail pass with a .125 ball nose bit in about an 45 minutes


Woah, awesome! Do you have a STL of the model?

My friend finished painting the first angel,


That is beautiful, nice job Allen!

@AllenMassey do you mind posting an SVG for the angel? Been trying to find one like this online but no luck with finding something simple like this. Thanks!

Ryan, No problem. Here is the SVG file for the simple little angel.

Christmas Angel.svg.zzz (68.0 KB)

For some reason I could not post the SVG so I changed the file name by adding .zzz to the end. Just remove the
“.ZZZ” from the the end after you download it.

Figured I would just post here since I borrowed a design from this thread. I had a grand idea that I would hang all these from the top of my 40’ tall cypress tree but the pulley system broke so just had to hang them off a ladder.



That is a really great set of ornaments! Thank you for sharing.

This is awesome!

Thanks @AllenMassey!