Christmas Time is Cuttingboard Time

Hello everybody,

I think christmas time is Cuttingboard time.

So I had a lot of orders, from costumers, they all want cuttingboards with resin inlay.

I only use because of the time, bamboo cuttingboards from a local store, then fullfill it with the awesome and food save resin from ArtResin. After sanding I protect the surface with 3 layers of Osmo kitchen worktop oil.
Here is the link to ArtResin

Later a few more…


Those are Rock and Roll !!!

Great work !

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Awesome work!

Do you find the epoxy resin easily sands flush with the top of the wood?


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Thanks Ron

Thank you Chachin…

The resin is after 48h hard like hell, with the for now Temperatur from about 0 grad Celsius in germany it takes it lil bit longer, but it is good sandable, a lil bit more intensiv then only wood. I use normaly 80 grid to put it down to the surface of the wood, the 120, 240 all with electrical grinder, then by hand with 320 grid. After that i use strong polish and then soft acrylic polish for headlights.
Atrached youll see a picture of the clean straight surface of wood and resin :wink:


These are fantastic!

What did you use to color the ArtResin? On their website, they only offer clear.

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What’s your depth of cut?

@TysonSwan thank you Tyron. I use Wilton food-coloring icing colors :wink: there are really good and intensiv only the black color covers not so good, youll need much of it but it works good.

I want to offer the products only full food save, so I have test it and it works with the food-coloring :wink:

@NicholasRichards the depth of the carving is only 1mm, at the beginning I start with 2 mm, but you must think economically, so I reduce the carving time and consumption of the expensive resin. And it works great

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So Here are the last 3 for christmas.

Wish you all a merry christmas :slight_smile:

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Nice Work! I have done some resin and epoxy with color but mostly I do wood inlay. I live in Lake George, NY and the boards with LG inlay are very popular. I have made about 100 in the last year. These are the latest with Maple inlay. Merry Christmas!


Very nice. How much do you charge for your boards?


Thanks! I sell them from $75 -$125 for large styles such as Pizza peels.

Nice work, What type of bit do you use?

Just saw your question. I buy from Precision Bit in Colorado. Their rep spent an hour with me! 2 flute upcut end mill 1/16" shank

You just use food coloring to get the black and colors?

@KaseyHellawell Yes thats it. I use only the food-coloring from Wilton. It works really good, only from the black color youll need much to color it really black.

Great project

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