Chromecast Speaker Box

I got really frustrated with the audio communication glitches with bluetooth speakers, and the really nasty wires when using a chromecast with a speaker, so I decided to make a speaker box that I could keep by a bedside that was beautiful to look at and only had one wire coming out the back. I also wanted it to be capable of charging a phone or tablet and also being a stand/holder. Lastly I wanted an indentation for holding keys, coins, and other wallet stuff.

Mostly, this was my first project from start to finish in Fusion 360. What a great ride. The entire thing is parametric and I learned a ton, although I spent a lot of time working on it.

Anyhow, even though I wish I had done a couple of things differently, overall I really like how it came out. Wanted to share it with you guys.


Love your project and love more that you did it with your son! :sunglasses:

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Perhaps I should have included more footage of him in there… i had to cut out quite a bit to get the time down to something reasonable.


for those interested, here is the video with the construction of the speaker grill: