Circle Width


I hope someone can help me with a question. I have an emblem I want to set down into a piece of wood. It’s a 6 inch circle with a 3/16 width flange. How and can you change the width of the circle to 3/16 wide? I hope I’m making myself clear…please ask if I can make it any more understandable.

Tom Reynolds

If I understand what you’re asking, make two concentric circles with a 3/8" difference in diameter. The space between will be 3/16".

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Here are two examples, one with a raised flange and one with a sunken flange.


Brandon Parker


You need to create a border frt if I understand you correctly, you need to create a 6" circle (set to fill at depth) then a 5.625 circle (set it to 0 depth) then combine to get your 3/16" border. Then set it to what ever depth you need.