Circles are skew - please help

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed at length and I have had a good read of the relevant threads. I suppose i’ll start by saying i upgraded a few things of late, unsure if they’re related but worth stating.

*spindle upgraded to makita trimmer
*simple 30 minute x axis stiffening mod.

I use a elair collet to use smaller bits. At first i thought it might be major runout, but tried with a larger bit on the original collet and the issue remains.

I tightened all my belts, checked all my pulleys and everything seems fine. I thought perhaps the makita was heavier i’d increase the voltage on the x axis a little, but still, the issue remains.

They’re just skewed a little like ovals, the skew seems to be the same shape in all instances.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Originally i was using an svg but switched to easels in-built circles in order to rule anything funny out. Very conservative settings as well.

I’ve watched that more recently. It’s on my list of things to do next. Super frustrating but hopefully it works

Thanks Phil.

I was having issues with circles until i upgraded to GT3 belts.

My GT2’s were properly tensioned but I just couldn’t seem to cut accurate circles.

Make sure the V-wheels aren’t too tight also. I had to loosen mine more than i thought they should be per instructions but everything has been good since.

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Thanks for the help guys. I’ll try loosen off the V-wheels tonight after work.

I actually recall that i’ve been cutting perfect circles recently post-spindle upgrade - I do remember tightening all my eccentric nuts, perhaps I went overboard.

StanPhillips - spot on. I’d overtightened the x-carriage v wheels. I loosened them all up and got myself a nice round circle straight up. I’m still going to calibrate tonight as i’m yet to at this point.

Thanks for your help guys

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That’s great!! Happy carving :sunglasses: