Circles cutting too big

So I have just tested cutting a 10mm hole with a 1/8inch spiral upcut but it is coming out at 12.7mm or thereabouts. It’s set to ‘fill’ so I can’t see it being an issue with outside vs inside vs on path etc. Can anyone help?!

Fill = inside
What bit diameter did you specify in Easel?
What is the actual travel of X/Y if you jog them say 20" each?

Yes so if I say 10mm hole and fill the hole should be 10mm no? Specified a 1/8 inch bit. Jogged it over x and y for 500mm and spot on 500mm …

If 500mm jog command = 500mm actual movement then calibration is good.
What is the width of a single line carved with that bit?

System flex usually mean undersized pockets/holes, extreme runout can cause oversized shapes but the width test outlines above will shed light on that.

A single line? How do I do that in easel (sorry only using easel at the moment)? My understanding is I have to make the line slightly bigger than the bit size for easel to accept it …?

No, you can make a single line in Easel by using the “ink pen” symbol top meny.
This will make a single line pass operation.

Thanks - just tried this and it has shown what an idiot I am. The line was 1/4 inch wide - because the bit I was using was 1/4 inch not 1/8 inch. So sorry to waste your time …!

We have to give you credit for admitting your error.
A lot of people wouldn’t admit that and we would never know what the result was.

I am a great believer in honesty when learning. Even when you have to honestly say you have been a complete fool!


No worries :smiley: