Circles off circle inside circle

I did a project with a circle inside of another circle, and one of them was off. They had the same center point, so I’m not sure what caused this. My x and y are in square. image

Welcome to the forums. Did you center the inside circle to the outside circle?

Thanks! I did! They have the same center point on the computer.

In the photo the offset is to the right, was the work piece oriented this way on the machine, or was the offset from top to bottom?

It’s offset to the left! Thanks!

I’d suspect that your X axis lost a step or so during the last round of the inner circle, perhaps due to rubbing on the side as the cut got deeper (it looks like there are a few wiggles in the inner circle) and so when it moved over to start the outer circle it wasn’t where it was supposed to be which meant the outer circle was offset to the left.
I would try doing the inside pocket as one cut, then check your machine returns to the same position and then run the second pocket. If it’s a little bit out, then reset it to the original start point before cutting the outline. When doing something similar I just lowered the bit onto the wood to zero and drew a circle around it, when the cut finished I could see I was a couple mm to the left of where I had started. That meant I had to later make some adjustments, but identifying what the problem is is half the battle.

PS I’m still experimenting/learning my own X-carve, so someone else might have another (better) solution. Good luck with your machine, it can be frustrating when something goes wrong like this, but when it suddenly works you feel great.

Can you post the file here?

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Are you aligning your workspace to the edge of waste board? If so, move the material in about 10-20mm and make sure your material is firmly clamped down. A really important question, have you installed the latest Driver for Easel? I found the new drivers tend to throw off your setting in your projects. If you go into your project and align them again, you won’t see any change on the screen, but the file will update itself to the new Easel Driver.